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this is an interview that Ralf gave me
today, december 4th, 2001



SIMONA :tell me about the shaped CD- why release it now???
RALF :Because the German Handball team Frisch Auf Gppingen uses "Under- your spell" as their intro to come into the we thought- to do something special for their fanclub..........
SIMONA: this song- horrorscope what is that LIKE??

RALF Horroscoop....... well, it's a long time ago but as far as I remember .. :-)) it's a very groovy and melodic song which would also perfectly fit into a Sinner album..........but we did it and- it sounds very good !

SIMONA :when was that song recorded
RALF: It was for the "Jaws of death" session........ 1999

SIMONA :why did that not make it on that record
RALF: well, you know how it is.. you always compose more songs than you will- use for a sometimes good songs will not be- chosen for the final ones on the record ... Even nowfor "Black Sun" we have 14 fantastic songs.... but we only will take 10 or 11 it's a shame sometimes but that's the way it is..

SIMONA:is breaker a cover on the accept song?
RALF: yes

SIMONA: why did you not also enclose "iron fist..."- after
- all that was a bonus track if i remember correctly
RALF :"iron fist ..."is on so many issues ... you can't- really say.. it is a bonus track........but it's the same I said before... too many songs.....

SIMONA : so- I have to ask you this- how is the work on the "black sun" going
RALF : We are still in the preproduction phase but we are almost finished. we haveto record 2 more songs tomorrow and on saturday then we will head into the studio on Dec.14th and we will mix it in January...Texas/El Paso

SIMONA: what will "Black sun" be like?
RALF : It will be a must for every PF Fan !! It's variety ... is very wide again... from Bay Area to melodic metal.... but it's always 100% PF

SIMONA cool!!but isn't that a very short time to make an- album?
RALF:yes but we are used to it !! We always recorded in 3 weeks.... sometimes it's hard .. but in the end you don't fall into the trap to do the parts.... too for instance the guitars or some lead stuff.. For me as a vocalist it's hard as well but when the voice is in a good shape... after singing for 3 days in a row.. it's cool !! :-)))
SIMONA: so we are looking forward to an album that will- be as good as nuclear fire or better????
RALF:Yeah thanx.... we are looking forward as well........but I think the fans will decide if it's- better... it's their job..... :-))
Anyway...we love it !

SIMONA :so...a final word for the fans.......
RALF:Ok, thanx for your patience and for your faith.....and sorry if we didn't come to your country whereever you are..we will work on a wider tour the next