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Steel Eagle
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 Photo album 

here are just a few pics from different concerts of PRIMAL FEAR

the photos that you will find on this page
have been chosen randomly from one very large photoalbum
the main reasons of chosing each of them would be:mood of the editor,the weird way TRIPOD works lately, plus some personal reasons- like fatigue, bad sense of humour, lack or excess of caffeine in Simona's nervous system- stuff like that
But keep in mind that we do have the largest photo album of PRIMAL FEAR on the web and that new pics will be added daily......if TRIPOD cooperates on that :)

live in barcelona 99- geez that is a corny comment!!!!!- oh well- it will have to do-until I found one that is mean enough to satisy me although not very offensive.......will come with the next cup of coffee

and here are Mat and Ralf in Barcelona again, but it is 2001

one sexy pic of Mat Sinner- barcelona 1999- and I mean it- one of my all time favourites

ralf 2000 by far one of the best pics of him that I have- and trust me, I have A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ralf in Barcelona- 99...........O, tempora......


another pic from barcelona 1999- courtesy of Marina "dragon lady"

is that a NEW angle or what?

memorable pic of Mat and Henny- these guys do NOT lay on their butts, that is for sure

one very decided Mat Sinner doing one of the many things that he does best:)


cool live pic from Barcelona 2001

another sexy pic of Mat

Klaus Sperling after metalfest XV

red rain at Toulouse

again Mat and Ralf in Barcelona- 99- mmmmmmmmmm that seems like a very good PF year- ya know a good year for a certain wine:)

big pic of a big man- Ralf the Scheepers in all his glory




each time I look at Ralf's pics I am afraid that he may make a whole in the ceiling..with his head..... kidding

mishandled pic of Ralf the Scheepers- and I had nothing to do with that:(


one very happy Henny Wolter- seems like that to me, anyway

another red unclear photo from the Toulouse concert- oh welllll