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Steel Eagle
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wellcome to steel eagle

The Steel Eagle has moved
we just keep this one here till al the materials are transfered


PRIMAL FEAR is a band that changed the history of metal as we know it!!!!!!!!

primal fear going nuclear

A team that consists from really pro musicians like the metal god MAT SINNER, the living legend RALF SCHEEPERS, the amazing guitarists STEFAN LEIBING and HENNY WOLTER, and do not forget the mean metal machine KLAUS SPERLING-they have unleashed a wave of metal energy upon the Earth- and the Earth will NEVER be the same!!!!!!!

....and here is Mat Sinner in all his glory

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PF party on new year's eve

latest news!!!

january 2nd, 2002

after a cool party at their favourite club, the band is back to work

december 30th, 2001
happy birthday, Klaus Sperling!!!!!!!!!

Dec 25th
- short break of the recordings over Xmas. Klaus has finished the drumtracks of 14 songs. We've recorded a little suprise......... Henny and Mat have finished six basic tracks as well and Ralf already finished the vocals to the song "We Go Down".

december 19th, 2001

2 very cool interviews of Mat and Stefan added, thanks to our friend shreddemon
you can find them on the NEW INTERVIEWS page