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Steel Eagle
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the last album of PRIMAL FEAR- NUCLEAR FIRE was a blast that changed the way of metal as we thought it was...
Take a look at the review below- I have about 200 more of them from all over the web- but I do bellieve that this one says it all



Imagine for a second that the Judas Priest that created the Painkiller album had a child with the Iron Maiden that created Number Of The Beast. That child would be named Primal Fear that has put out Nuclear Fire! I have heard that this band puts out albums faster then a politician spits out lies and shallow promises. Since this is my first Primal Fear CD ever, I am impressed as hell! I could try to dissect every song, but to tell you the truth that would be a little redundant. All the songs just pummel you with no mercy in sight! They do slip in a more midpaced to slow song like "Now or Never" every once in awhile just to break it up, but it does not even come close to coming off as a weak part or filler in any way what so ever. This album is a must for any metal fan who remembers how metal used to be. When singers could sing with lungs of steel. When guitarists could shred like the wind of the Grand Canyon. When drummers would cause earthquakes with their pounding. The band may not be breaking any new ground, but they re-hash this old style with the energy and precision very few seem to be able to do anymore. I highly recommend this for anybody who likes the two bands listed above or is just looking for a power metal band with fucking balls!