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 The Story Of Mat Sinner 


We all know who Mat Sinner is. Or at least we think that we know.Everyone who ever listened to some heavy-metal has heard of the legendary band SINNER.Yet, probably each and everyone of us has wondered at some point who is Mat Sinner the man and musician, how did he get here,and most important what is it that makes him tick...So we asked him to write a "story of Mat Sinner", but he replied that, due to the fact that he is very busy, he would rather have us make this in the form of an interview.
So, here is the first part of this-we hope that we did a good job...

Mat sinner -well deserved break after Miwaukee metalfest 2001


I was 12 years old and wanted to buy a guitar, but my father was and is really into soccer.I was a great player and so he didn't want me to make music.Anyway, my aunt bought me a guitar and i started to take lessons aside from
training soccer.I founded my first band at fourteen,bought equipment,played with other guys and our first real good band was named "Electric Pain",incl. my former Sinner friend Franky Mittelbach on guitar. "Electric Pain"
became "Crayfish" with Armin Sabol & Franky on guitar and we started to get known in our area and played a lot of shows. But as always the characters in the band were so different, that this talented band talked more, than making music.


Exactly at this point.Franky left and we changed our name to "Shiva".Armin was the far better guitarist and we were really into this three piece thing. I took over the bass and I had really fun. We decided to continue as a three
piece.Shiva was a really great talented band with touches of Jimi Hendrix - cool! We were sucessful in our part of Germany, toured with "Whitesnake" and Gary Moore for example.We recorded an album called "Crossfire" but the record company sucks big time and I left the band to found my own band SINNER. More metal, with two guitarists etc., my very own songs ........


This is just the beggining of "The story of Mat Sinner"
if you want to read it all, you will have to get the fanzine when it will be released...