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dew-scented news!!!!!!!

dew scented
at a glance

Formation in 1992

"Symbolization" -Demo 1994,
6 Songs

Major Records- "Compilation", feat. "Poets Of Dirt" 1995

"IMMORTELLE" -Album 1996, Steamhammer / SPV

"INNOSCENT" -Album 1998, GSM / Nuclear Blast

"ILL-NATURED" -Album 1999, GSM / Nuclear Blast

Hi there,

Things are really happening for us at the moment! The press feedback towards
"Inwards" seems amazing, some more show dates are lined up and good news keep
coming in:


* Dew-Scented are proud to announce a freshly inked deal with Soundholic Records
for the domestic release of "Inwards" in Japan! Finally we will have our records
widely available in the land of the rising sun and we are truly looking forward to
the best promotion possible as well as hopefully a next tour over there to present
the album to the audience! Soundholic Records has been doing great work for bands
such as Soilwork, Defleshed, Dark Funeral, Bal-Sagoth, Necrodeath and many more.
"Inwards" will be released in Japan on January 23rd, 2002 and it will include the
cover track of Slayer's "War Ensemble" as bonus together with some liner notes.
Here is the link to the official website of Soundholic Records:

* Dew-Scented is confirmed to play With Full Force festival 2002!!! Great news,
as we were really looking forward to participate in the next edition of this great
festival. Once again, it will take place in Roitschjora (nearby Leipzig) at the
Flugplatz (Airport) between July 5th and 7th, 2002. Check out the festival's
website for additional details and some other bands to perform there:

More news very soon! We will try to keep the site as updated as possible for all
of you and will also try to achieve a new design at the turn of the year to have
things in a fresh and more efficient look for the time of the release of the new
album. Take care and stay heavy,


(November 2001 - 402)