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very cool destruction logo, wouldn't you say?

It used to be that when you talked about Destruction, you focused on one thing their awesome history. Fans spoke in reverential tones and nearly every band showed the world Destructions undeniable influence by incorporating hints of the butchers style in their own songs. After sorting out their personal differences, original vocalist/bassist Schmier and original guitarist Mike decided to reform the band in the tradition of the classic three-piece line-up. Together with new drummer Sven, they started to rehearse the old material and write new songs.

Rumours began to circulate in the scene, and the band received offers from record companies and festival promoters. The band thought that it would be a good idea to play the festivals first to see if the old spirit was back. It was! The band was one of the highlights at the Bang Your Head Festival, With Full Force Festival, and Wacken Open Air in 1999. After this, record companies scrambled to sign the band, bombarding them with offers. Ultimately, the band decided to sign with Nuclear Blast and in November/December 1999 entered the famous Abyss Studios in Sweden to record the album with producer and underground legend Peter Tgtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain).

Destruction unleashed All Hell Breaks Loose in 2000, immediately establishing a new epoch for the band. The album easily stood beside classics like Eternal Devastation and Infernal Overkill. Destruction was back, and it was as though Schmier had never left. The energy and chemistry that fuelled All Hell Breaks Loose was contagious, and fans and the press alike reacted enthusiastically. The album entered the German album charts at #67. Track six, The Butcher Strikes Back, became an anthem for those who believed in the band and kept the Destruction legend alive! It has already become a classic like its legendary predecessor Mat Butcher, which originally appeared on the Sentence of Death EP in 1984.

After a small warm-up tour and some festivals, Destruction hit the road with Crematory, Hypocrisy, Kataklysm, and Raise Hell as part of the Nuclear Blast Festival tour. They also made it over to America for a headlining tour with Kataklysm and Dying Fetus as support. After the tours, they started to write new material, and in April 2001 they again entered Abyss Studios to record their new album. The Antichrist is even closer to the original Destruction sound than All Hell Breaks Loose. With the opener Thrash Til Death, they document their life philosophy, while paying homage to some of thrash metals greatest bands. Why? Cause once youre a thrash metal head, youre always a thrash metal head!!! Its executed in the classic Destruction vein and is destined to become a classic like Eternal Ban, Bestial Invasion, or Curse the Gods. Also Nailed to the Cross is a sure-fire hit with its big chorus. Take your pick Dictators of Cruelty, Bullets from Hell, Godfather of Slander The Antichrist is filled with hit after hit, and the production of Peter Tgtgren is far more old-school than on All Hell Breaks Loose. The Antichrist will be the kick-ass album for the trash metal scene and will bring back this music to where it belongs. TO THE TOP!!!

and who said that only primal fear were going nuclear?????????



[ live on stage ]

26.12.2001 LUDWIGSBURG - Rockfabrik ( D)

27.12.2001 BOCHUM - Zeche ( D)

28.12.2001 ZAANDAM - De Kade ( NL)

29.12.2001 HAMBURG - Markthalle ( D)

30.12.2001 HALLE - Easy Schorre ( D)

31.12.2001 OSNABRCK - Hyde Park ( D)

02.01.2002 OFFENBACH - Hafenbahn ( D)

03.01.2002 DORNDORF - Kulturhaus ( D)

04.01.2002 GLAUCHAU - Alte Spinnerei ( D)

05.01.2002 BERLIN - Music Hall ( D)

06.01.2002 WARSCHAU - Proxima ( PL)

07.01.2002 KATOWICE - Mega Club ( PL)

09.01.2002 NRNBERG - Hirsch ( D)

10.01.2002 DORNBIRN - Conrad Sohm ( A)

11.01.2002 SALZBURG - Rockhaus ( A)

12.01.2002 WIEN - Planet Music ( A)

14.01.2002 RAVENNA - Rock Planet ( I)

15.01.2002 PRATTELN - Z7 ( CH)

16.01.2002 ANDERNACH - JUZ Live Club ( D)

17.01.2002 COTTBUS - Gladhouse ( D)

18.01.2002 LBECK - Holstentorhalle ( D)

19.01.2002 MOTALA - Folkets Park ( S)

20.01.2002 OSLO - Betong ( N)

21.01.2002 GOTHENBURG - Karen ( S)

22.01.2002 STOCKHOLM - Klubben ( S)

24.01.2002 HELSINKI - Nosturi ( SF)


1983 the Band is founded in Weil am Rhein (Germany) with Tommy (drums), Mike (guitars) and Schmier (bass & vocals)
1984 First contract with SPV Records and release of the first Mini-LP "Sentence of death"
1985 first big success in the international metal-underground and europe-tour with the leading thrash metal scene band "Slayer"!
1985 1. LP "Infernal overkill", world war III festival in montreal/canada
1986 DESTRUCTION has established itself as europe's leading thrash metal band, successfull tours in Germany and other countries
1986 2. LP "Eternal devastation", headlinertour Europe with support from Kreator and Rage
1986/87 Drummer Tommy quits, line up changes to Olly on the drums, Harry joins for the second guitar 1987 release of the "Mad Butcher" Mini-LP
1987/88 Tours in the USA/South America and Southern Europe
1988 3. LP "Release from agony", the band distances itself from their original style through influence of the new Bandmembers
1988/89 Europe-Tour with "Motorhead", several festivals, "Release from agony" leaves fans and press with mixed feelings
1988/89 Live LP "Live without sense", 3-month-US-Tour 1989, while recording their 4th LP "Cracked brain" separation from frontman, singer & bassplayer Schmier
1990 Release of "Cracked brain" with guest singer Andre (Poltergeist), 4th LP is recieved rather poorly
1991 Mike and Olly continue to use the name DESTRUCTION with new band members!
1999 Because of the extreme press- and fan demand for DESTRUCTION, the two former members Mike und Schmier reform DESTRUCTION together with Sven - new drummer -
1999 DESTRUCTION start their comeback at the biggest german Heavy Metal Open Airs: Bang your Head, With Full Force, Wacken !
2000 Release of the new Album 'All hell breaks loose'!!
2000/01 World Tour
2001 Release of the new LP, 'The Antichrist'