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tidfall band


Instinct Gate: Some time passed since the recording and release of "Circular Supremacy". With the writing of new material, the musical and compositorial direction of Tidfall was becoming subject for discussion and disagreement.

It terminated in a change of lineup, when Rogon D. Bloodgraat left the band. Sorg took his place as vocalist and Tidfall was now consisting of four members in agreement on the musical direction the band was gonna take, stronger and more determined than ever.

Then, when it was time to go back to studio to record the second full length album, the band decided that it was time to gather strength for future live shows and inspiration.

Tidfall contacted Drako Arcane, a long term friend, and after a period of rehearsing, Drako was well versed in Tidfalls material and ready to accompany them in the studio.

The choice fell on Akkerhaugen Lydstudio this time too. With Torbjrn behind the mixer (and two fridges of beer), Tidfall recorded their "Instinct Gate" during the month of March 2001. At the same time the band had a dialogue with Samoth of Nocturnal Art Productions.

Samoth had just started a new band and he told Tidfall that he was going to be very busy with this project in the future, and was concerned that Nocturnal Art wouldn'tt have the time to fall into line with the release and promotion of the new album properly. Tidfall made an agreement with Samoth and Nocturnal Art that they could contact alternative companies for buying the upcoming release. The band contacted the labels of current interest and the time was come for another phonecall. Nuclear Blast on the line showed great interest in Tidfall, and after a time with negotiations and discussion it became clear that Nuclear Blast was the company which best could comply with Tidfalls future development and the upcoming album release.

So the time has come...
Tidfall is stronger and more determined than ever! Id say this promises for a world-sweeping hellstorm of metal! Tidfall is the future!


Circular Supremacy: It was Samoth of Emperor who called them, and told that he and his label "Nocturnal Art Productions" wanted to sign Tidfall. At that time the band had a few other offers but none had come to a permanent agreement. Nocturnal Art had good reputation, and Tidfall was also acquainted with other bands signed there, and knew that they where content. So finally Tidfall signed for their first album with Samoth and Nocturnal Art Productions.

Time of recording for the album was set to February 2000, and Akkerhaugen lydstudio was chosen to accomplish the mission. With Torbjrn Akkerhaugen behind the mixer (and a fridge full of beer) the songs composed during the last years finally became realized.

Trough 11 days of intense studio-work Tidfalls debut album "Circular Supremacy" was created. Studio time was hard and during the period it became apparent that the different members consensus on what should be the Tidfall sound was starting to crack. A few disagreements in the studio laid the premises for the change in lineup who took place a while later.

On the 29th of May 2000 the "Circular Supremacy" was released upon the metal masses and the album gained massive response in European metal press. Unfortunately no touring became possible in the continuity of the album, and the band only played some gigs locally in Norway.

They instead started to write on the material which was to become known as "Instinct gate".


Black Psychotic Darkness: Finally, the time when things started happening. After a year and a half of making and rehearsing new material the band recorded their "Black Psychotic Darkness"-demo.

Some changes had been made concerning compository matters, and together with converting to English lyrics, the bands sound and expression had developed further.

An intermezzo occurred between the time of recording and the time of release, mainly because of "these things happen from time to time" matters, but when the "Psychotic Darkness" finally got out, the demo-reviews where great and Tidfall was beginning to put themselves on the metal map.

We are now writing the year of 1999, Tidfall has for the last six months written new material, played some gigs, and promoted their "Black psychotic Darkness". Some record deal offers where present but nothing was settled. But suddenly it was time for a phonecall...


Times of change: Throughout the year of 1995 the band decided to reinforce their ranks with two new members. The music had developed into a state where the basic lineup no longer where sufficient to manage rehearsals and gigs properly.

Sorg, who would take care of the bass, and Aftaneldr handling the synths, became permanent members of the band. When this change had taken place the band also decided to change their name. The name Tidfall was chosen... Interpreted in Norwegian it signifies/represents "the fall of time", and every philosophical aspect revolving this.

Early 1996 Tidfalls first demo-tape was recorded, entitled only "Tidfall". A four track rec. with three songs and Norwegian lyrics. The demo received good reviews and brought the band their first record deal offer. On the other side, the offer was a lousy one, and Tidfall decided to wait, feeling that the potential of the band was to big to throw away on a lousy-deal, just to get their material out.

So, back to rehearsing and composing songs.


Time of creation: Tidfalls origin, Pagan Divinity, began rehearsing their first songs during winter 1992-93.

Lineup where Abraxas, Zarthon and Rogon D. Bloodgraat.

No songs are recorded from this era except some four track stuff who never traveled beyond the reach of their residence; Lten, Norway.

The band played only local gig's and was totally underground. The next couple of years went by, composing and rehearsing, and the first permanent change didn'tt take place until 1995 when Tidfall decided to increase their lineup.



1 - Children Of Man
2 - The Empire Of The Pleasures Of Flesh
3 - My Wrathful Eyes
4 - Prophecy Horizon
5 - Mind Raper
6 - The Key To The Instinct Gate
7 - For What The Flesh Holds
8 - Domination Complete



1 - In The Eyes Of Death
2 - A Hidden Realm
3 - Allured By Grief
4 - Black Psychotic Darkness
5 - Bloodact
6 - Shining Serpent
7 - In A Dark Dream
8 - Empty Silence
9 - Reflections
10 - Hymn To Fall



1 - Black Psychotic Darkness
2 - A Hidden Realm
3 - In A Dark Dream

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