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the grind bastards are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

benediction- back with a vengeance

Benediction have faced many problems and overcome many obstacles in their more than ten-year musical career. But they have always persevered and done so with the knowledge that they have remained true to the original vision of Benediction. Their no compromise attitude gave the band the strength to stay their own course and avoid the pitfalls of the trends that come and go. They stay true to their roots, loyal to their fans and keep in constant contact with the underground scene, which made them the band they are today. They are proud to be part of a widely varied genre that only continues to grow in strength.

Benediction was spawned in early 1989 from the ashes of Stillborn. The line-up was Barney Greenway (vocals), Darren Brookes (guitar), Peter Rew (guitar), Paul Adams (bass) and Ian Treacy (drums). Quickly after forming, they recorded the legendary demo, The Dreams You Dread now a classic in the death metal world. This tape, along with some help from Mickey Harris (ex-Napalm Death, Scorn), got the band signed to Nuclear Blast Records in Germany. The metal community across the world showered their debut full-length album Subconscious Terror with acclaim. Barney continued to work with both Napalm Death and Benediction. This caused problems when both bands were offered separate tours. Barney had to decide between bands, and his decision to leave Benediction left the rest of the band in turmoil.

A chance meeting at Costermongers Pub in Birmingham between Dave Ingram (one time drunk) and Peter (full time drunk) brought a possible solution. An audition was arranged, and Dave passed with flying colors. The band received an new lease on life, and after successfully integrating Dave into the band by playing several UK dates with Autopsy, Paradise Lost and Bolt Thrower, they set about writing the next opus, The Grand Leveller.

After several years slugging it out in the underground, Benediction now took the form of Dave Ingram (vocals), Peter Rew (guitar), Darren Brookes (guitar), Frank Healy (bass) and Neil Hutton (drums) and recorded the brilliant Grind Bastards album. After its release in 1998, Benediction headlined the Nuclear Blast Festivals through Europe with Hypocrisy, The Kovenant and Children of Bodom. They also played a very successful and enthusiastic show at the Wacken Open Air. Unfortunately, this marked the last show with singer Dave Ingram. He left the band for personal reasons. Again the band searched for a new member. They held a few auditions, and after hearing a young singer named Dave Hunt, the auditions were done. They immediately started rehearsals and played a few festivals. What better way to break the new guy in than by playing live? Dave responded like a pro and was well accepted by the fans. After getting to know each other on the road, Benediction started writing some new songs.


Now in 2001, the Grind Bastards are back with a vengeance. Their new album Organised Chaos (by Andy Sneap) again shows the world why Benediction are leaders in the underground. Their raw power, heavy guitar sound and pure energy are unparalleled in the old-school death metal scene, but they always keep their sound fresh and vital. The amazing production sounds entirely modern and powerful, and you can hear that the old beer drinking party animals still have a lot to say. Daves outstanding vocal performance is the biggest surprise on this record. Dave Ingram was brilliant, but Dave Hunt is even better! If you hear songs like Suicide Rebellion, Stigmata, Suffering Feeds Me, Nothing on the Inside or the brilliant title track, you know what were talking about.